Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Diabetes Numbness Hands Feet

There are times when a diabetic may feel an occasional numbness in the hands or feet; this is the beginning signs of neuropathy (nerve damage). When the limbs begin to experience any numb feeling it should not be ignored, as this can start one down the road to an eventual loss of the limb. Diabetes numbness in hands or feet is a warning; it is a crucial signal to address the condition immediately.



The progression of numb limbs


The parts of the body which are known as “stocking and glove” are classified as such to identify where neuropathy begins. The graph below demonstrates how nerve damage spreads within the upper and lower limbs




Diabetes is a very punishing illness, the hands and feet are particularly at danger, and this is where the nerve damage usually begins. In the graph above it should be noted that the nerve damage proceeds up the limbs eventually leading to the loss of the body part.


Over time nerve damage results in numbness, this is often ignored by the diabetic, it is the hope of most diabetics that the numb sensation will simply go away on its own; this is dangerous. The interesting thing about neuropathy is that the damage may be occurring even on days when there is no numb feeling; this is due to nerve fibers trying to save the limb.  Over time the excessive blood sugar overcomes the helpful nerve fibers, this is where the diabetic may experience limb pain, swelling and other complications.


Why is this happening?


High blood sugar is a poison in the bloodstream; the body cannot handle the load of excessive sugars for very long. Diabetics are at increased risk for cardiovascular disease, heart attack and stroke from the excessive sugar in the blood.


There is some good news, diabetes can be reversed drug free with a healing diet, please note that a sugar free diet is not the same thing; only a healing diet has been shown to reverse the illness.  Lowering sugar intake can be beneficial but this can never reverse an illness as powerful as high blood sugar.


When researchers utilized a healing diet it literally eliminated diabetes numbness in the hands and the feet, this is the only diet ever created for the elimination of diabetic neuropathy.


This is used in over 10 countries 







Thursday, October 23, 2014

Diabetes Tired legs

Diabetes with tired legs is a potentially serious condition which affects millions of people. It is important to understand why high blood sugar causes fatigue, tiredness and a general feeling of weakness. A recent report from the American Diabetes Association highlights the fact that there are more than 8 million people who are living with high sugar and are still not aware of it. Diabetes and tired legs is a sign of a system wide problem related to the leveled sugar levels.


Why do the lower limbs get weak?



High blood sugar causes a lot of problems to the lower limbs; this is the reason why diabetics are always at risk of losing a leg to amputation. One of the more damaging results of living with high blood sugar occurs in the circulation, the arteries of a diabetic are constantly being negatively affected by the excessive amount of sugar in the bloodstream. The lower limbs are connected to the health of the heart; when the cardiovascular system is not functioning correctly we can feel fatigued.   Diabetes tired legs is a sign of impaired blood flow in the arteries, this can signal cardiovascular complications and a lack of sufficient oxygen.  Diabetics are at greater risk for heart disease and stroke, the weary legs are often an indictor of coming health troubles.



High blood sugar is extremely bothersome and problematic to the whole working of the body. There is not one cell in the body which is not negatively affected by high blood sugar; overtime the body literally wears down. It is best to think of diabetes as putting an overload of stress on the body. Much can be done to reverse high blood sugar, this can be done naturally, and there is no need for medications for most people.  Diabetics should understand that utilizing a healing diet works to remove the excessive amounts of blood sugar naturally.  


Researchers in Europe have shown that thousands people have reversed high blood sugar drug free by using a diet that naturally healing the root cause of the elevated sugar levels.



Thousands in over 10 countries reversed high blood sugar without drugs while saving their feet from amputation with the right combination of specific foods, both reports may be read together.










Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Diabetes speeding the aging process

Diabetes speeds the aging process causing a person to become older than their chronological age, high blood sugar is a poison to the cells of the body; the poison aspect of diabetes is something that most diabetics are not aware of. The cells of the body age at different rates in different people, some people have slower cellular aging than others; but diabetes speeds the aging process


It is crucial to recognize too much blood sugar as an invader in your bloodstream, blood sugar in excess is poisonous to the cells of the body, and this is the number one reason for diabetic kidney failure and heat disease. The aches and pains from high blood sugar is a signal that the cells of the body are becoming overloaded.  If you are diabetic, it is best to think of the body as living in a continual fight against blood sugar. In essence your body is putting up a good fight; it is trying to dump all of this excessive sugar out of the bloodstream.


The lost battle


Eventually the body (organs) loses the fight and then comes the horrible consequences of high blood sugar. Diabetic blindness, kidney failure, heart disease and stroke are all the result of a body which has lost the fight against high blood sugar.  The good news in the middle of all this bad news is the fact that type 2 diabetes can be reversed drug free; but this is not accomplished without the use of a healing diet. A sugar free diet is not enough to eliminate a powerful illness like high blood sugar, there has never been a diabetic who has reversed high blood sugar by stopping sugar, only a healing diet can reverse the illness.



Thousands of people in Europe have reversed diabetes without any drugs by using a targeted combination of foods in a healing diet.  It is the synergy combination of healing foods which heal the body and reverse diabetes naturally this has worked for thousands of people in 10 countries


The Diabetic Diet is now available with the Diabetic foot report which stopped diabetic foot pain in over 10 countries.





Sunday, October 19, 2014

Reverse Diabetes edema

It is imperative that a person reverse diabetes edema as quickly as possible, getting help for the condition will be necessary in order to save the limb. There are more people today who are suffering from diabetic complications in the lower and upper limbs, the circulation becomes afflicted and this can lead to amputations if not addressed quickly.  It is essential to reverse diabetes edema to ensure the health of the limb. A basic understanding of why the limbs become affected is essential to reversing the condition.


Why are the limbs swelling?


People with high blood sugar are always at danger for serious complications involving the circulation, it is crucial to recognize that excessive sugar in the bloodstream is a poison; not addressing this puts the limbs at risk for removal. Upper and lower limb swelling is usually caused by venous insufficiency, in very plain language this occurs when blood circulation is not continuous.  In a healthy person blood will flow from the limbs back to the heart, which then circulates the blood back down to the limbs; the relationship between the heart and limbs create a beautiful system of continuous movement of blood circulation.  It is crucial to reverse diabetes edema because the swelling indicates that the circulation has been impaired, the blood is either backing up (backward leakage) or cannot move flow ahead (Blocked forward movement such as a clot).



Take swelling in the body seriously

It should be noted that diabetes edema can also be a signal of heart disease, liver problems or kidney complications.  Diabetics have wounds which heal slower than non-diabetics; this is also why edema is particularly dangerous.


There is some good news which has been helping people reverse the circulation issues of high blood sugar without medications. A European diet specifically for diabetic legs and arms was shown to reverse swelling and pain without medications; this is used in over 10 countries to save the limbs.









Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Foot swollen with diabetes? How diet beat a popular drug

If you have diabetes and a foot that is swollen it is crucial that you address the condition as quickly as possible, it is the progression of nerve damage that causes the eventual loss of the limb in so many thousands of people. Sadly, people are turning to medications which are linked to very serious side effects as oppose to turning to a targeted diet. If you have diabetes and a foot which is swollen, you should know that just last week it was revealed in a major University study that a common fruit (which cost less than 1 dollar) beat a billion dollar high blood sugar medication to lower high blood sugar.


Nerve damage and you


Nerve damage is extremely difficult to repair; once swelling, pain, or numbness begins it is a sign that the nerve fibers have been damaged. It is crucial that a diabetic use a healing targeted diet in order to save the limb from possible removal. Diabetic medications are big business; to put it bluntly the drug makers are not interested in you or your nerve damage. The drug companies are in the diabetic pharmaceutical business for straight profit nothing more. We have helped thousands of people save a limb from amputation; people are always surprised to hear that the drug companies don’t care about whether the diabetic ever get healed just as long as you are on their prescription for life.  


A foot swollen with diabetes is a sign of nerve damage from a persistent high blood sugar; this means that the excessive glucose( sugars) are ruining the nerve fibers causing pain, swelling and even numbness.  The drug companies make billions because they know that you will need the medication “every month”, this adds up to millions of repeat customers


The fact that diet can reverse high blood sugar just as good as medications is not often published to the public because the drug companies cannot make a profit off a fruit; if it does not turn a profit you will not hear about it.  This site is the number site to reverse high blood sugar and save a limb in now 10 countries.



Targeted diet vs Drugs


Metformin is one of the most popular drugs in the world, it profits the drug maker more than 3 billion dollars every year but what the thousands of people who take this medication (which has serious side effects) may not know is that a humble fruit works just as well and this was revealed in a study from a prestigious University.


Dr Joseph Napoli, PhD, professor and chair of nutritional sciences and toxicology at the University of California, Berkeley admitted that he was skeptical but it was clear that grapefruit continual was shown to be just as affective as the popular diabetic drug without any side effects.


We understand that doctor’s skepticism at first, people are very ignorant to the power of the right food in the right combination. 


Study quote from Time Magazine and researcher


But one of the biggest findings was that subjects drinking grapefruit juice had glucose-lowering effects that were just as potent as the those who sipped on metformin. “It was very surprising,” says Napoli.




This study will never been widely publicized in the media because the drug makers cannot profit from a fruit, this is the game of the pharmaceutical companies and the diabetic charities.


A foot swollen with diabetes is a very serious condition and it should be addressed immediately with a very targeted diet, this is what works in over 10 countries



Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Diabetes, dizziness and confusion a growing problem

There are many who suffer from diabetes that experience dizziness and mental confusion; a new study now reveals how high blood sugar affects the cells of the brain. High blood sugar is the most damaging illness in the world today, this is not an exaggeration. There are over 350 million people in the world that simply cannot get a normal blood sugar.  Diabetes, dizziness and mental confusion should not be ignored.

This is your brain on high blood sugar

Glucose (blood sugar) is a very important element for healthy cells, it is glucose that gives us energy but high levels are poisonous to the body. Unfortunately not enough people are aware of the damaging affects of excessive glucose; this site has become the number one diabetes foot site on the internet, because we are saving people from amputations. There is not one part of the body which is not affected by excessive glucose and this included the brain. Having diabetes, dizziness and confusion can signal glucose levels which are dangerously high. When blood sugar remains too high for too long over time the brain can become affected.

The authors of a new European study recently revealed that people with type 2 diabetes were twice as likely to have mild cognitive impairment (MCI) than those without high blood sugar. MCI is a stage of mental decline that can come before more serious dementia.
"Maintain your diabetes treatment to help prevent mental decline."
Angela Winkler, MA, in the Department of Neurology at University Hospital Essen in Germany

A sugar free diet is not enough to stop high blood sugar, if you have a high glucose level it signals that your pancreas is not producing enough insulin or that glucose is flooding in your bloodstream.  Cells which are not accepting glucose are called insulin resistant cells; this is why the glucose floods into bloodstream.  Diabetes and dizziness is real but why the brain?  It must be made clear that there is not one part of the body which is not being affected by high blood sugar, a healing diet is mandatory to stop the illness.  Be well.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

I have diabetes and my feet hurt: What to do



I have diabetes and my feet hurt, this was an email that we received on Friday from a young woman who is concerned about the possibility of having the foot amputated (removed). Seeing as her toes are experiencing a lot of aches and is at times numb; she has a valid concern. Our reader also acknowledges that she is aware of the dangers of her condition but is still not sure exactly why this is happening because she is eating right.  In this post titled “I have diabetes and my feet hurt”, we will try and explain why your diet may not be helping to stop the pains.


Why diet is often ineffective


There are many who upon discovering that they are diabetic try and change their diet, this is a very good thing but for the vast majority this step is not enough to control their blood sugar, the reason for this is due to the fact that the typical diabetic diet is devoid of any healing ingredients. Eliminating sugar from the diet is one of the first things that diabetics change in their diets and this may help a bit but the simple fact of the matter is that eliminating does not equal healing.



Eliminating things which cause your blood sugar to rise may be good but this is not enough; diabetes is an illness that cries out for a healing combination of foods.  


If you have diabetes and your feet hurt this is a clear sign that you need a very specific diet that can heal, few people find this.  The thousands of people in 10 countries who read this site every day know that few diabetics are on a healing diet, healing foot pain is even more difficult.


Foot pain from high blood sugar is a sign that the nerve fiber is being affected, this can lead to serious problems.


How high blood sugar cost thousands their feet


The nerve fiber in the foot is similar to an umbrella that protects you from rain, the nerve fiber is very delicate and blood sugar often destroys this; this is the source of your pain.  Eliminating thing from the diet may be good but this will not stop the damage that the blood sugar has already caused, not healing the nerves is one of the biggest mistakes that diabetics make.



Center of disease Control CDC: Each year more than 10,000 people are forced to have part or all of the foot removed due to the damage from high blood sugar.  Look at that Nerve Fiber damage on the upper left side


If you have diabetes and your feet hurt, it is important to listen to the feet, once vessel damage begins the nerve fibers are very difficult to repair, this means more pain.  Thank you to our reader for her question.

*The Diabetes repair high blood sugar diet which is now in 17 countries is now included free with the European Diet to stop All Diabetes foot pain.*