Thursday, October 23, 2014

Diabetes Tired legs

Diabetes with tired legs is a potentially serious condition which affects millions of people. It is important to understand why high blood sugar causes fatigue, tiredness and a general feeling of weakness. A recent report from the American Diabetes Association highlights the fact that there are more than 8 million people who are living with high sugar and are still not aware of it. Diabetes and tired legs is a sign of a system wide problem related to the leveled sugar levels.


Why do the lower limbs get weak?



High blood sugar causes a lot of problems to the lower limbs; this is the reason why diabetics are always at risk of losing a leg to amputation. One of the more damaging results of living with high blood sugar occurs in the circulation, the arteries of a diabetic are constantly being negatively affected by the excessive amount of sugar in the bloodstream. The lower limbs are connected to the health of the heart; when the cardiovascular system is not functioning correctly we can feel fatigued.   Diabetes tired legs is a sign of impaired blood flow in the arteries, this can signal cardiovascular complications and a lack of sufficient oxygen.  Diabetics are at greater risk for heart disease and stroke, the weary legs are often an indictor of coming health troubles.



High blood sugar is extremely bothersome and problematic to the whole working of the body. There is not one cell in the body which is not negatively affected by high blood sugar; overtime the body literally wears down. It is best to think of diabetes as putting an overload of stress on the body. Much can be done to reverse high blood sugar, this can be done naturally, and there is no need for medications for most people.  Diabetics should understand that utilizing a healing diet works to remove the excessive amounts of blood sugar naturally.  


Researchers in Europe have shown that thousands people have reversed high blood sugar drug free by using a diet that naturally healing the root cause of the elevated sugar levels.



Thousands in over 10 countries reversed high blood sugar without drugs while saving their feet from amputation with the right combination of specific foods, both reports may be read together.











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