Sunday, October 19, 2014

Reverse Diabetes edema

It is imperative that a person reverse diabetes edema as quickly as possible, getting help for the condition will be necessary in order to save the limb. There are more people today who are suffering from diabetic complications in the lower and upper limbs, the circulation becomes afflicted and this can lead to amputations if not addressed quickly.  It is essential to reverse diabetes edema to ensure the health of the limb. A basic understanding of why the limbs become affected is essential to reversing the condition.


Why are the limbs swelling?


People with high blood sugar are always at danger for serious complications involving the circulation, it is crucial to recognize that excessive sugar in the bloodstream is a poison; not addressing this puts the limbs at risk for removal. Upper and lower limb swelling is usually caused by venous insufficiency, in very plain language this occurs when blood circulation is not continuous.  In a healthy person blood will flow from the limbs back to the heart, which then circulates the blood back down to the limbs; the relationship between the heart and limbs create a beautiful system of continuous movement of blood circulation.  It is crucial to reverse diabetes edema because the swelling indicates that the circulation has been impaired, the blood is either backing up (backward leakage) or cannot move flow ahead (Blocked forward movement such as a clot).



Take swelling in the body seriously

It should be noted that diabetes edema can also be a signal of heart disease, liver problems or kidney complications.  Diabetics have wounds which heal slower than non-diabetics; this is also why edema is particularly dangerous.


There is some good news which has been helping people reverse the circulation issues of high blood sugar without medications. A European diet specifically for diabetic legs and arms was shown to reverse swelling and pain without medications; this is used in over 10 countries to save the limbs.










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