Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why do diabetics lose their toes? A warning

Why do diabetics lose toes or the foot to high blood sugar? High blood glucose is a poison in the body that effects the limbs, each year there are literally thousands of people who must experience having a limb removed due to living with high blood glucose. The extremities are often very heavily effected by diabetes. We received a question from a reader “Why do diabetics lose their toes”, in this post we will explore how the illness effects the feet and can cause a person to lose the limb.

The attack on the circulation

Diabetes has a powerfully negative effect on the circulation, excess glucose in the bloodstream causes damage to the cells of the body. Diabetes affects the micro-circulation, the large arteries and occasionally the large and small veins, by causing vessel wall hardening. The degree of stiffening produced is linked to its duration. The ability of the person with high blood sugar to distribute blood is affected, especially during increased blood flow. As we can see, diabetes is a horrible illness that causes the loss of the circulation, this can also cause chest pain,heart attack and removal of the leg. Why do diabetics lose their toes? The circulation problems lead to swellings,pain and numbness, all which may result in the removal of the foot or leg.

Save your own foot

One of the starkest statements about reversing high blood sugar complications came from Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences Dean Prof Memon. “People with diabetes need to take an active part in their own care” Not taking charge of the illness is what too many people with high blood sugar are not doing. Over 80% of people who lost a leg to diabetes could have saved the leg. The answer to the question, as to, why do diabetics lose their toes is due to the fact that the poison high levels of blood sugar damages the circulation. The circulation damage can lead to swelling,sores and possible gangrene. The loss of feet,fingers and legs to diabetes can be avoid but you must take an active part in the reversal of the illness. 

There is some good news, there is a diet that has been reversing diabetic foot problems, the swollen feet get help and are reversed, it is a specialized diabetic feet diet that is used in Europe, it is now used in 10 countries

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