Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Why are my Feet Blue with Diabetes?

Those who have diabetes and are experiencing discoloration such as blue feet must take this extremely serious. What does it mean when there is skin color changes in the foot due to high blood sugar? The answer lies in the circulation., high blood sugar can cause extreme damage to the lower limbs. One of the more alarming signs of trouble is diabetes blue feet, discoloration signifies damage to the circulation which can result in the removal of the foot if the damage persist.

What causes the discoloration

Diabetes damages blood vessels and ruins the circulation, the illness decreases the blood flow to the lower limbs. Poor circulation weakens bone, and can cause disintegration of the bones and joints in the foot and ankle. High blood sugar constricts blood vessels producing damage to the nerves. The blood vessels are dependent on oxygen rich blood for proper circulation, the lack of proper circulation is where the diabetic loses the limb. When the foot turns color it s a sign that the circulation is being choked off, the blood vessels are narrowing and oxygen rich blood is being restricted. Diabetes blue feet are a sign of the circulation being choked off, this very dangerous situation can become worst, a slight cut can turn into a quick infection that does not heal, the end result may be the loss of the foot.

Many are needlessly losing the lower limbs to the illness.

Many diabetics are needlessly losing a leg or a foot to the illness, doctors in the United Kingdom reported this week that over 8,000 amputation could have been avoided had the diabetic addressed the illness immediately, if you are experiencing any limb discoloration it is a sign that the damage to the circulation is getting worst, it is crucial to confront the illness immediately.

80% of amputations could have been avoided

A study at Imperial College London revealed that the foot damage can be reversed if caught in time. Dr Eszter Vamos said they had expected to see long-term complications of diabetes rising to some extent because the number of people diagnosed with the condition had increased.
"But at the same time there is very strong evidence that with a multidisciplinary team approach you can prevent up to 80% of the amputations. Said Dr. Vamos

There is some good news from Europe, a diabetic diet created for diabetic neuropathy (limb nerve damage) has been reversing the foot circulation problem (diabetes blue feet) it is now used in over 10 countries

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