Monday, August 4, 2014

Diabetes Purple Foot? Read why this is a serious warning

We received an email from a young man who has diabetes and the foot is now purple, this is a very serious indication of artery blockage and nerve damage. Each year thousands of diabetic are forced to have their feet (or the toes) amputated in order to save the lower limb from a deteriorating condition. If you have diabetes and the foot is turning purple or blue it is a very serious warning sign that you must take action to save the limb.



The most devastating illness of our time


High blood sugar is the most devastating illness of our modern generation, there is no other illness that causes blindness, kidney failure, heart disease and lower limb amputation. Blood sugar is both a friend and an enemy, in the right amounts blood sugar enters the cells and gives very healthy energy to the body; but this is not the case in the person with high blood sugar.  Excessive blood sugar is a poison in the body causing the damage to the cells; this is why high blood sugar may lead to lower limb damage resulting in diabetes purple foot or leg.  The skin discoloration is due to the lack of oxygen rich blood circulating though the arteries, the choked circulation and nerve damage appears as skin discoloration; think of the limb being choked for oxygen and turning color.



A new study highlights the fact that more people are being hospitalized for diabetic complications; high blood sugar is causing other illness!

 “Eighty-seven percent of visits to physicians by patients with diabetes were made by patients with multiple chronic conditions,” said Dr. Jeffrey Powell, chief of the division of endocrinology at Northern Westchester Hospital.


If you have diabetes and the foot is purple or blue it is essential to get the blood sugar down but that is not enough, you must reverse the damage to the feet by healing the nerves and clearing the blood vessels in the lower limb.

Some good news

A European diabetes foot diet is used by thousands of people in over 10 countries including the United States to save the feet without surgery; this diet reverses the skin discoloration. The diet is now offered together with the Type 2 diabetes reverse diet to lower the blood sugar without drugs and heal the foot at the same time.

Both reports are packaged together for the first time and may be read together.








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