Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Diabetes speeding the aging process

Diabetes speeds the aging process causing a person to become older than their chronological age, high blood sugar is a poison to the cells of the body; the poison aspect of diabetes is something that most diabetics are not aware of. The cells of the body age at different rates in different people, some people have slower cellular aging than others; but diabetes speeds the aging process


It is crucial to recognize too much blood sugar as an invader in your bloodstream, blood sugar in excess is poisonous to the cells of the body, and this is the number one reason for diabetic kidney failure and heat disease. The aches and pains from high blood sugar is a signal that the cells of the body are becoming overloaded.  If you are diabetic, it is best to think of the body as living in a continual fight against blood sugar. In essence your body is putting up a good fight; it is trying to dump all of this excessive sugar out of the bloodstream.


The lost battle


Eventually the body (organs) loses the fight and then comes the horrible consequences of high blood sugar. Diabetic blindness, kidney failure, heart disease and stroke are all the result of a body which has lost the fight against high blood sugar.  The good news in the middle of all this bad news is the fact that type 2 diabetes can be reversed drug free; but this is not accomplished without the use of a healing diet. A sugar free diet is not enough to eliminate a powerful illness like high blood sugar, there has never been a diabetic who has reversed high blood sugar by stopping sugar, only a healing diet can reverse the illness.



Thousands of people in Europe have reversed diabetes without any drugs by using a targeted combination of foods in a healing diet.  It is the synergy combination of healing foods which heal the body and reverse diabetes naturally this has worked for thousands of people in 10 countries


The Diabetic Diet is now available with the Diabetic foot report which stopped diabetic foot pain in over 10 countries.






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