Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why Diabetes feet swelling is a crucial warning

If you have diabetes and are experiencing feet that are swelling it is a very dangerous sign that you are in danger of losing the foot. High blood sugar is a poison in the bloodstream and causes the death of the cells and organs of the body. Over 300 million worldwide are losing the battle against glucose in their bodies, it is crucial to address the illness swiftly to save you organs and limbs . Diabetes feet swelling is one of the first signs that you are in danger of losing the foot. After edema comes the discoloration as the picture above illustrates.

The rise in diabetic complications

Some of the more scarier problems that have been observed by medical professionals are the many thousands who are experiencing complications from living with high glucose in the bloodstream. Glucose is good and when you are healthy it goes into your cells giving you energy but this is not the case with those who have high blood sugar, the glucose floods the bloodstream instead of going into the cells. The cells are resistance and will not accept the glucose, this glucose flooding is a poison in your bloodstream. Diabetes feet swelling is a very serious warning that circulation damage from the glucose flood in your bloodstream is occurring.

Excess Glucose in the blood destroys the circulation

The numbers of people losing arms,fingers,toes and legs to diabetic levels of high glucose has increased 300% in the last 10 years according to the Center for Disease control in the United States. Swelling in the limbs is called “Edema” and it often signals damage is also happening to the heart valve, the circulatory system is holistic and if one part is effected usually the whole is suffering. Heart disease from high glucose is common because as we stated earlier high glucose is a poison in the bloodstream. Diabetes feet swelling is a very crucial warning that the circulation and nerves are being damaged, if you do nothing you may be one of the many who had to have the foot removed. There is some interesting news from Europe, a diabetic diet created for diabetic neuropathy (nerve damage) has been reversing the high glucose foot complications without medications, it is now used in over 10 countries  

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