Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Foot swollen with diabetes? How diet beat a popular drug

If you have diabetes and a foot that is swollen it is crucial that you address the condition as quickly as possible, it is the progression of nerve damage that causes the eventual loss of the limb in so many thousands of people. Sadly, people are turning to medications which are linked to very serious side effects as oppose to turning to a targeted diet. If you have diabetes and a foot which is swollen, you should know that just last week it was revealed in a major University study that a common fruit (which cost less than 1 dollar) beat a billion dollar high blood sugar medication to lower high blood sugar.


Nerve damage and you


Nerve damage is extremely difficult to repair; once swelling, pain, or numbness begins it is a sign that the nerve fibers have been damaged. It is crucial that a diabetic use a healing targeted diet in order to save the limb from possible removal. Diabetic medications are big business; to put it bluntly the drug makers are not interested in you or your nerve damage. The drug companies are in the diabetic pharmaceutical business for straight profit nothing more. We have helped thousands of people save a limb from amputation; people are always surprised to hear that the drug companies don’t care about whether the diabetic ever get healed just as long as you are on their prescription for life.  


A foot swollen with diabetes is a sign of nerve damage from a persistent high blood sugar; this means that the excessive glucose( sugars) are ruining the nerve fibers causing pain, swelling and even numbness.  The drug companies make billions because they know that you will need the medication “every month”, this adds up to millions of repeat customers


The fact that diet can reverse high blood sugar just as good as medications is not often published to the public because the drug companies cannot make a profit off a fruit; if it does not turn a profit you will not hear about it.  This site is the number site to reverse high blood sugar and save a limb in now 10 countries.



Targeted diet vs Drugs


Metformin is one of the most popular drugs in the world, it profits the drug maker more than 3 billion dollars every year but what the thousands of people who take this medication (which has serious side effects) may not know is that a humble fruit works just as well and this was revealed in a study from a prestigious University.


Dr Joseph Napoli, PhD, professor and chair of nutritional sciences and toxicology at the University of California, Berkeley admitted that he was skeptical but it was clear that grapefruit continual was shown to be just as affective as the popular diabetic drug without any side effects.


We understand that doctor’s skepticism at first, people are very ignorant to the power of the right food in the right combination. 


Study quote from Time Magazine and researcher


But one of the biggest findings was that subjects drinking grapefruit juice had glucose-lowering effects that were just as potent as the those who sipped on metformin. “It was very surprising,” says Napoli.




This study will never been widely publicized in the media because the drug makers cannot profit from a fruit, this is the game of the pharmaceutical companies and the diabetic charities.


A foot swollen with diabetes is a very serious condition and it should be addressed immediately with a very targeted diet, this is what works in over 10 countries




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