Sunday, June 16, 2013

What to do about Diabetes swollen feet

Diabetes swollen feet is a sign of a very serious circulation problem resulting from high blood sugar, it cannot be understated that excess glucose in the bloodstream is a literal poison to the organs of the body. The numbers of foot amputations has increased greatly over the last 10 years in the United Stated and Europe, diabetes swollen feet signals that an excess of glucose(sugar) is damaging the cells(circulation) of the the lower limbs; it is this condition that causes thousands each year to lose a limb to this very serious illness.

Below the ankle amputations increasing

The phenomenon of foot amputations from diabetes is increasing incredibly in Europe and the United States, recent statistics over the last decade reveals that below-ankle amputations doubled to more than 2,000, and major amputations increased by 43 per cent in England, the situation is worst in the United States. Type 2 diabetes accounts for 90 per cent of cases and is caused by the body not responding properly to insulin or not producing enough. The illness impairs blood flow to the extremities, resulting in nerve damage. Diabetes swollen feet also know as “edema” must not be ignored, it is crucial to address the situation immediately to save the foot.

Excessive blood sugar is a poison to the body

When excess blood sugar lives in the bloodstream it has a damaging effect on the nerves and circulation, this is the cause of the loss of arms, legs and feet to diabetes. The medical term for nerve damage from excess glucose in the bloodstream is “diabetic neuropathy”, in a person with a normal blood sugar level glucose enters the cells and is used for energy, but this is not the case in diabetics. Diabetics have cells that do not receive the glucose into the cells, the sugar floods the bloodstream instead of entering the cells. When glucose floods the bloodstream it causes nerve and organ damage, this is what causes diabetes swollen feet. It must be noted that diabetic medications such as Actos can also cause swelling in the feet, the medication has been linked to heart attack. Diabetic medications can cause just as much harm as the illness. The most important thing is the reversal of the diabetic foot condition.

80% of amputation could have been avoided

Dr Eszter Vamos of Imperial College London said they had expected to see long-term complications of diabetes rising to some extent because the number of people diagnosed with the condition had increased.

The doctor makes it clear like thousands you can save the foot

"But at the same time there is very strong evidence that with a multidisciplinary team approach you can prevent up to 80 per cent of the amputations.

There is some good news, there is a Specialized European diet that has been reversing diabetic foot problems in over 10 countries, foot problems are reversed naturally, stopping the nerve and circulation damage, it is now used in over 10 countries


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