Monday, May 13, 2013

What can help Diabetes swollen Feet

Diabetes swollen feet must be rectified quickly, it is necessary to receive help before permanent nerve damage occurs in the foot. There has been an increase in amputations due to an explosion of high blood sugar over the last 2 decades; researchers in the United States, UK and India have all reported a startling increase in the numbers of people who are losing a foot to the illness. When it comes to nerve damage from high blood sugar immediately help is crucial to prevent the loss of the foot. Diabetes swollen feet are a sign of nerve and circulation damage.

The Centers for Disease Control report that the number of diabetes-related lower limb amputations have increased by over 227 percent between 1980 (33,000) and 2003 (75,000). This is a tremendous number of people who have had to have the leg or foot removed; the numbers afflicted over the last 5 years are even scarier with a rise over 300%. It is very important to monitor the circulation when a person has a high blood sugar, diabetes effects the circulation in a horrible way; the excess blood glucose causes edema (swelling) in the extremities. Diabetes swollen feet are a sign that your circulation has been negatively effected by the illness.

"Among all the complications from diabetes, amputation can be the worst," said Dr. Craig Walker, of the Cardiovascular Institute of the South, in Houma, La

"Amputation affects a person's quality of life drastically, from mobility to self-image. It is also associated with a decreased life expectancy”

Diabetes causes the blood vessels to narrow and this chokes off the circulation, the decreased oxygen supply from narrow blood vessels causes swelling (edema) and sadly for many the loss of the limb. It is crucial to get help for diabetes swollen feet.

The root cause of diabetes comes from insulin resistance; this comes from our modern day food supply (highly processed food chemicals in the food)

There is some good news, there is a diet that has been reversing diabetic foot problems, the swollen feet gets help and are reversed without surgery.  It is a specialized diabetic feet diet which is used in Europe and is now used in 10 countries to stop the painful condition.  See Here Diabetes feet swollen



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