Monday, November 17, 2014

Diabetes pain when walking? See what it means

People with diabetes often experience pain when walking; this is due to the way in which the illness attacks a person’s circulation. High blood sugar is a very devastating illness; it has a very negative affect on the working of the human body, it must always be remembered that excessive glucose (sugars) in the blood destroys circulation. If you have diabetes and pain when walking it is a sign of systemic circulation damage. 





Each year thousands of people are forced to have a limb removed due to the damaging affects of high blood sugar on the circulation. The lower limbs are particularly susceptible to damage from excessive glucose (sugars) in the bloodstream. Diabetics have too much sugars floating around in the bloodstream, the sugars damage the arteries and blood vessels which in turn can lead to amputation of the limb.  When there is too much sugar in the bloodstream it can cause a process called  A.G.E (Advanced Glycation End) In the simplest terms the sugars cause the proteins in your cells to , this “end produce affects the blood vessel which leads to a person with diabetes to have pain when walking. The nerves and blood vessels both become damaged from sugar related “A.G.E).


It is clear that high blood sugar causes an extreme amount of damages to the blood vessels, the illustration above also reveals how A.G.E affects the blood vessels of the eyes( on the right)



An abundance of sugar cleaves to important protein amino groups this affects cell function and creates an imbalance which leads to cell destabilization



More than 80% of all diabetic amputations occur after lower limb injury, which can result from diabetic neuropathy( nerve and blood vessel damages) .   If you have diabetes and experience pain when walking it is a signal that your body is in need of a very  specific healing diet. A sugar free is not a healing diet, a sugar free diet may b a little helpful but is not enough to stop an illness as powerful as diabetes.


Good news


A diet from Europe is being used to heal diabetic foot pain, saving the limb from removal. The combination of the reverse high blood sugar diet and the diet to save the foot is responsible for saving the body from the damage of high blood sugar.




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