Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Diabetes Numbness Hands Feet

There are times when a diabetic may feel an occasional numbness in the hands or feet; this is the beginning signs of neuropathy (nerve damage). When the limbs begin to experience any numb feeling it should not be ignored, as this can start one down the road to an eventual loss of the limb. Diabetes numbness in hands or feet is a warning; it is a crucial signal to address the condition immediately.



The progression of numb limbs


The parts of the body which are known as “stocking and glove” are classified as such to identify where neuropathy begins. The graph below demonstrates how nerve damage spreads within the upper and lower limbs




Diabetes is a very punishing illness, the hands and feet are particularly at danger, and this is where the nerve damage usually begins. In the graph above it should be noted that the nerve damage proceeds up the limbs eventually leading to the loss of the body part.


Over time nerve damage results in numbness, this is often ignored by the diabetic, it is the hope of most diabetics that the numb sensation will simply go away on its own; this is dangerous. The interesting thing about neuropathy is that the damage may be occurring even on days when there is no numb feeling; this is due to nerve fibers trying to save the limb.  Over time the excessive blood sugar overcomes the helpful nerve fibers, this is where the diabetic may experience limb pain, swelling and other complications.


Why is this happening?


High blood sugar is a poison in the bloodstream; the body cannot handle the load of excessive sugars for very long. Diabetics are at increased risk for cardiovascular disease, heart attack and stroke from the excessive sugar in the blood.


There is some good news, diabetes can be reversed drug free with a healing diet, please note that a sugar free diet is not the same thing; only a healing diet has been shown to reverse the illness.  Lowering sugar intake can be beneficial but this can never reverse an illness as powerful as high blood sugar.


When researchers utilized a healing diet it literally eliminated diabetes numbness in the hands and the feet, this is the only diet ever created for the elimination of diabetic neuropathy.


This is used in over 10 countries 








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