Thursday, July 25, 2013

Diabetes feet pain is a sign of serious damage

Living with diabetes and experiencing feet pain signals diabetic neuropathy (nerve damage), left untreated this can lead to very serious complication including the removal of the limb. The rise in worldwide high blood sugar has led to increasing amputations, thousands of people each year lose a limb due to the effects of high blood sugar. A new study today highlights the fact that living with excessive glucose in the bloodstream can be extremely dangerous.

High blood sugar and the devastating effects on the body

"We found that diabetes increased the risk of disability by 50 percent to 80 percent compared to those without diabetes, and this result was consistent across all types of disability," said review senior author Anna Peeters, head of obesity and population health at Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute in Melbourne, Australia. It is clear that excessive levels of sugar in the bloodstream create extraordinary complications. What does it really mean when a person who is a diabetic experiences feet pain? The painful condition is a sign of nerve or/and arterial damage, this may also cause discoloration and swelling. The painful condition is a warning, lower limb pains are often one the first complications people who have lost a limb will experience.

Excessive sugars in the bloodstream cause destructive metabolically changes, these changes impair the nerves' ability to transmit signals. High blood glucose damages blood vessels which carry oxygen and nutrients to the nerves, as we can see high blood sugar is a very destructive illness which when left untreated can lead to irreversible damage. The lower limbs are often where so much of the more serious complications occur, pain in the feet from diabetes signals that nerve ending are being effected; it must be stated that high blood sugar also causes artery damage leading possible loss of limbs. If you are a diabetic the most important thing is getting the excessive amounts of poison sugars out of your body. There is some good news, there is a diet that has been reversing diabetic feet pain, it is a specialized diabetic feet diet that is used in Europe, it is now used in 10 countries


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