Monday, August 5, 2013

My feet hurt and I have diabetes

A question from one of our thousands of readers stated “My feet hurt and I have diabetes what does this mean”. One of the more dangerous complications of living with high blood sugar is the damaging effects that the illness has on the lower limbs, each year thousands in the Unites States, England and much of the world have to face the prospect of losing the lower limb. “My feet hurt and I have diabetes”, if you are one of the thousands who are experiencing diabetic foot pains it is crucial to address the problem quickly in order to avoid permanent nerve and tissue damage.

High blood sugar is a very damage illness, as the excess sugars are allowed to invade the bloodstream the nerve endings experience damage, this can lead to the removal of the foot or leg if the situation is not reversed.. Some people with nerve damage have no symptoms at all but for others the first symptoms are often numbness, tingling, or general painful discomfort. Symptoms start slowly and become progressively worst, and because most nerve damage occurs over several years, mild cases may go unnoticed for a long time. Nerve damage can cause a lifetime of problems and should be address immediately. If you have diabetes and your feet hurt it is a sign that nerve damage has begun.

Symptoms can involve the sensory, motor, and autonomic-or involuntary-nervous systems. In some people, mainly those with focal neuropathy, the beginning of the painful condition may be sudden and very severe.

High blood sugar can cause the blood vessels to narrow and this is how the circulation can become blocked, the decreased oxygen supply from narrowed blood vessels can cause swelling or other painful conditions, it should be strongly stated and understood that nerve endings are destroyed in the presence of excessive sugar in the blood. Many diabetics must face amputation of the foot or leg.

The root cause of high blood sugar comes from insulin resistance, this is mainly due to our modern day processed food supply which causes inflammatory diseases like obesity.

If you have diabetes and your feet hurt it is extremely important to reverse the condition before permanent nerve damage occurs. There is some good news, there is a diet that has been reversing diabetic foot problems, the painful condition stops and the nerve damage reversed, it is a specialized diabetic foot diet that is used in Europe, it is now used in 10 countries


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