Thursday, September 5, 2013

Diabetes feet burning, a very serious warning

If you have diabetes and burning feet it is a very serious warning sign of diabetic neuropathy, this means that the nerve ending of the foot is being seriously damaged. The burn in the foot from continually high blood sugar is often the first sign of danger, if treatment is ignored this can lead to amputation (the removal of the limb). The rise of the worldwide type 2 diabetic crises has resulted in the amputation of thousands of limbs each year, if you have diabetes with burning feet this post will explain what is happening in your body and what to do about it.

The worldwide crisis getting worse

The crisis of high blood sugar has become a worldwide phenomenon effecting millions in Europe, the USA and India; the complications from excessive glucose (sugars) is also resulting in blindness, kidney failure and heart attack. The lower limbs are very susceptible to damage from high blood sugar, thousands have to have a leg removed  each year due to high blood sugar; it is crucial for diabetics to take action to save the lower limbs seeing  as high blood  glucose can lead to nerve damage.

 The neuropathies (nerve damage) are the most common of all the late complications of high blood sugar and gives rise to much suffering among diabetic patients. Burning feet with diabetes is a warning of nerve damage, it is best to treat this swiftly seeing as nerve damage is extremely difficult to reverse.  Although each person may be experiencing different stages of nerve damage ranging from severely painful limbs to the complete loss of sensation in the limbs, the bottom line is that the nerve damage will only worsen if it is not addressed.

High blood sugar is a very damaging illness, glucose (sugar) is needed by the cells but the diabetic has glucose that is invading the bloodstream and not entering the cell; excessive glucose in the blood is a poison which damages the liver, heart, lungs, kidneys and limbs. Each day that a person lives with high blood sugar they are literally destroying the organs and the limbs of the body.  

A solution

Although nerve damage from excessive sugar in the blood is extremely difficult to reverse (glucose destroys the nerve ending causing sharp pain and burn in the toes and fingers) there is some good news. A diet in Europe specifically designed to address the burning feet of diabetes has been shown to stop the burn, pain and reduce the nerve damage. It is a natural specialized diabetic foot diet that is used in Europe; it is now used in 10 countries 


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