Monday, July 21, 2014

Why Diabetes Leg Cramps should alarm you

Diabetes leg cramps are a very common night time complication and danger it does signal danger. It is possible for people to experience this muscle difficulty in the daytime but for the majority this is not the case. In this post we will discuss why the diabetic experiences these muscle spasms and what diabetes leg cramps actually signal. Each year more than 50,000 diabetics are forced to have a leg removed due to high blood sugar damaging the lower limb.




High blood sugar’s devastating affect on the legs


The cause of diabetic muscle cramp is due to the excessive blood sugars affect on the nerves, circulation and muscle. High blood sugar damages the cells of the body in many different ways and this is why the illness is so difficult to treat, often the illness actually causes reduced blood flow to the lower extremities, this reduced blood flow is often responsible for muscle tightening.  Diabetes leg cramps signal much more serious underlying complications, artery blockage in the lower limbs is common in diabetics and this means big trouble. Diabetic are at much higher risk for heart disease and stroke much of this is related to clogged arteries in the legs  Peripheral artery disease( clogged leg arteries) affects almost  30% of diabetics, take cramps in the legs seriously.


Nerve damage


Diabetic muscle cramp has a direct relation to diabetic nerve damage (called neuropathy).

We don’t often think about nerves when we think about muscles but the nerves are involved in the muscle switching and contractions which occurs under the skin.  High blood sugar is a damaging illness which should not be ignored, the diabetes muscle cramps are just one more symptoms of artery blockage or nerve damage The body will fight of the symptoms of high blood sugar as long as it can, if you do not act soon you risk being one of the 50,000 diabetics who experience lower limb amputations. Over 80% of amputations from high blood sugar could have been avoided had people acted in time.


A European diet created specifically for the diabetic legs has been reversing diabetes leg cramps pain, swelling and clogged arteries without surgery in over 10 countries.


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