Friday, July 18, 2014

My diabetes leg pain is bad, the urgent message

“My Diabetes leg pain is bad” this was the message that we received yesterday from one of our many readers. Pains in the legs are one of the horrible consequences of living with the illness, it is absolutely necessary that more people become informed of the ways in which the lower limbs suffer when blood sugar is high.  In the middle of this very serious diabetic epidemic are the causalities of the illness, one of the consequences which does not getting enough publicity is lower limb aches. “My diabetes leg pain is bad” was the cry from our reader, when someone comes to the realization that their situation is bad it usually means that they have waited too long to address the situation.


What to do?


Before we discuss what to do, we will discuss what is happening to the leg; it is a very dangerous situation.


Excessive blood sugar has a very negative affect on the circulation, this dilemma leads to the removal of thousands of people’s legs each year due to excessive blood sugar. High blood sugar is a poison in the system, as time goes by the damage is often irreversible. 


My diabetes leg pain is bad


High blood sugar often causes the arteries in the legs to become chocked off (blocked); this can be a very dangerous situation.


 PAD (Peripheral artery disease) is common in diabetics; PAD is when the arteries become clogged.



For the diabetic pins/needles, tingling and numbness or other pains are a stark warning.


Excessive blood sugar is destructive and particularly damaging to the arteries in the legs.


Data from the Framingham Heart Study revealed that 20% of patients with PAD had diabetes, but this probably greatly underestimates the prevalence, given that many more people with PAD are without symptoms.  Diabetes and artery blockage are linked.


The surgery to repair diabetes blocked arteries cost over $5,000 dollar and usually involves the insertion of a stent to keep the arteries open.



Get the right diet to avoid surgery


Diabetes leg pain is serious and should be addressed immediately with diet!


There is a diabetes leg pain diet from Europe which is now used in more than 10 countries including the United States; it has been helping people save the legs with diet alone.


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