Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Should I take Metformin for diabetes, risk and side effects?

There are many who are prescribed metformin for early diabetes and many of these people may not need the medication. This post is not a knock on the medication, but it is a wake up call as to how many doctors will quickly prescribe this medication without informing their patients that the illness is complete reversible drug free. Metformin is in many cases being overly doled out because doctors don’t believe that you will do the necessary lifestyle modifications to reverse the illness.


Why doctors quickly prescribe drugs


Doctors are actually doing the right thing in trying to control your blood sugar, they are trying to get the excessive high levels of glucose out of the bloodstream but what they do not often tell you is that this can often be done without medications.  There is not one afe diabetic medication, metformin has a very bad side effect, the drug causes a severe drop in your vitamin B 12 level, and this is particularly bad for the diabetic.  Diabetics are at constant danger of lower limb complications such as muscle cramps, artery blockage and nerve fiber damage, vitamin b12 is crucial for the diabetic. The fact that metformin will block vitamin b12 is not only alarming, it is down right dangerous.




The research shows a strong connection between Metformin and Vitamin B12



Of patients who take this Metformin, almost 40% showed evidence of reduced vitamin B12 absorption. Metformin interferes with the ability of your cells to absorb vitamin B12 complex. Over the long term, vitamin B12 insufficiency is a significant health risk. There is also a strong connection between B12 insufficiency and cardiovascular disease.  The scary thing about the drug is that a study showed that after discontinuing the drug the vitamin b12 deficiency was NOT being reversed, the cells were changed!  This is why simply trying to add a vitamin b12 pill while taking metforimin is not the solution. The drug is affecting your cells.


We are the number one diabetes foot site on the internet and we are read daily in 17 countries, diabetes lower limb issues are horrible and they can lead to the remove of the limb. Neuropathy (the nerve damage of diabetes) is serious and metformin may make this worst according to doctors.


"We had a few patients complaining about peripheral neuropathy who hadn't [had diabetes] very long, but they were on metformin. We decided to look at vitamin B12 s deficiency [as an explanation], said Jasna Klen, PhD, an internist, radiologist, and diabetes specialist at Hospital Trbovlje in Slovenia, who presented the research on the vitamin b12 dilemma when taking Meformin.



We are not advocating stopping any medications but why not address diabetes or diabetes foot pain drug free like people in over 10 countries do daily with this site.


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