Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Foot pain at night can lead to very serious troubles

Foot pain at night is one of the more annoying and possibly dangerous health complications that many will have to suffer, burning, cramping, sharp pains and discomforts are all signs of some level of nerve damage in the lower limb. There are many causes for this very uncomfortable condition but it always means temporary or permanent nerve damage, it is also essential that you address foot pain at night as it can be a sign of more serious health complications.



The feet as an indicator of overall health


The feet and the legs are both good indicators of the health of the body, the feet have an incredible amount of nerves and small blood vessels which help carry oxygen, these blood vessels and nerves are often damaged, this can either be from wear and tear or from more health complications.



Parts of the feet: One of the more common complaints may be pain between the toes or on the bottom of the foot; the cause of the pain in these areas is usually due to inflammation of the nerves of the foot. There are many who get sharp shocks or throbbing pains in the feet and this is most often due to excessive pressure on the nerves of the foot, when the nerve fibers are damaged it results in sharp or continual pain. Beware that foot pain at night has a strong connection to other illnesses.



Hidden health complications calling out from the feet


Do you have high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity or heart disease? All of these illnesses are related to pains in the feet, when aches are related to deeper health complications the pains are particularly stronger in the evening.


A recent study revealed that almost all lower limb pains had a relationship to some illness such as diabetes, there are over 79 million with pre diabetes and many millions are unaware they are affected!  The feet are often a good warning sign of other health complications.




Researchers at the Comprehensive Pain Center at Oregon Health & Science University have learned that nerve pain may have a daily cycle, with the worst occurring pains late in the evening around 11 p.m.  The researchers showed that diabetic nerve damage was the cause of much of the nigh time pain. The results showed that the typical pattern for people with the condition was to experience the greatest pain from it after sunset, peaking at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m.



Feet Pain is always results from nerve damage, nerve damage only gets worst so it is necessary to do something. Soaking the feet or pads will not address the nerve damage.



Diet can save the feet and stop the pain at night



Researchers have revealed that a European diet created specifically for foot pain was able to stop the nigh time pain and repair much of the nerve damage without the need for surgery. The diet which has actually helped diabetic save the feet from amputation is now used in over 10 countries to stop the pain in the feet but those with or without diabetes.



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European diet used in 10 countries to naturally stop foot pain in those with and without diabetes









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