Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Foot Hurts and Diabetes, what you must do



It is a very common ailment, the foot hurts and this is often related to diabetes. One of the sad consequences of the worldwide diabetic crisis is the revelation that many people are losing their limbs to the illness. One of the major factors in regards to increased amputations (surgical removal of the limb) is the fact that millions are unaware that they are living with high blood sugar. When the foot hurts it is a signal that blood sugar is damaging the nerves in the limb.  



Why the feet suffer more


The reason that the feet suffer so greatly when a person has high blood sugar is due to the fact that there are very many small blood vessels in the foot which are easily damaged.  Excessive blood sugar ruins the circulatory system, and this in turn can lead to amputation of the lower limb. Nerve damage is not easily repaired, it is crucial that any pain in the feet receive immediate attention.


Because of long-term nerve damage, people with diabetes face up to a 25 percent lifetime risk of amputation, according to current research.  When the foot hurts and a person has pre or full diabetes it can be a very strong warning sign which should not ignored.



The Center for Disease Control estimates that there are more than 30 million people worldwide who are not aware that they are diabetic; often the symptoms of the disease are ignored. Diabetes is one of the most damaging illnesses; the excessive blood sugar should be removed naturally from the body with diet not drugs.  Dizziness, thirst and other symptoms should not be ignored. Not addressing the illness swiftly is the reason many are in danger of lower limb nerve damage. Numbness, pain, tingling, pins and needles are all signs of the nerve damage, this is the consequence of excessive blood sugar.  Blood sugar in excess is a poison, it is crucial that people understand the power of this enemy and how it destroys the body.  There is not one organ in the body which is not affected by high blood sugar, the liver, kidneys and heart all suffer under this illness. When the foot hurts, it is always a sign; it is a very important warning from your body for action.  80% of people who had a leg, foot or toes removed could have save the limb had they acted in time. When the foot hurts it is a message to you from your body.


Researchers in Europe have been saving the feet with a very specialized diet created to stop the pain and nerve damage from high blood sugar. The diet is now used regularly by thousands in 17 countries to save the feet and avoid surgery.



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