Thursday, July 24, 2014

Diabetes leg numb? What to do about this

When a person has diabetes with a numb leg it should be a warning of possible irreversible nerve damage. One of the least publicized aspects of high blood sugar is the fact that it can do incredible amounts of damage to the lower limbs; each year more than 50 thousand people are forced to have a limb removed due to high blood sugar. If you have diabetes with a numb leg this post will explore how high blood sugar causes the lower limb damage and what to do about it.  

Be very on guard for numbness

When numbness sets in it is a sign of serious nerve damage, the nerves are covered by a very thin fiber which protects them from damage; high blood sugar is known to destroy the nerve fiber. High blood sugar is actually a poison high level of glucose which lives in the bloodstream; this is a most destructive substance, excessive glucose (sugar) in the blood is responsible for diabetic blindness, heart and kidney failure. When numbness is experienced in the legs or feet it is a sign that the nerve fiber has been affected, timing is crucial for diabetics seeing as permanent nerve damage is often the final result.  Studies show that almost all nerve damage in the lower limbs is related to high blood sugar. Diabetes numb leg is a very serious call to seek to reverse this quickly.

Diet or Surgery

There is no official medication for the reversal of diabetic leg medication, often surgery is necessary for those with strong artery blockage. Diabetic medications such as, metformin was shown to make leg pain worst in the diabetic. Metformin is linked to nerve damage in diabetic legs.

American Academy of Neurology
Wile and colleagues noted that metformin increases homocysteine levels as well as methylmalonic acid levels, both contributing factors to neuropathy(nerve damage). The study noted the increased frequency and severity of diabetic neuropathy(nerve damage) in patients taking metformin

There is some good news, there is a European diet report for diabetics that have been shown to stop the nerve damage in the feet and legs, this diet has been used in over 10 countries to save the legs without surgery and now includes the Type 2 diabetes reversal diet used in 17 countries. 

 Read both reports here   Diabetes Legs and Foot numb Cure Report


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