Thursday, April 25, 2013

What does it mean to have diabetes and swollen feet? Trouble

Diabetes with Swollen feet signals major circulation problems, many have lost a foot to this illness, it is imperative that extreme attention be paid if the foot starts to swell. High blood sugar has become a worldwide crisis and the numbers of people who are suffering the consequences are huge, feet swollen from diabetes can be a very serious sign of circulation trouble and heart damage.


Edema is a condition where fluid floods the tissues of the body, this can be a serious complication of high blood sugar and it can be the beginnings stages of losing the foot if the condition is not reversed. Edema is strongly related to the condition of the heart and is linked to high blood sugar. A high blood sugar level means that the bloodstream is being flooded with a poison high level of glucose, it is this extreme amount of glucose that damages the organs of the diabetic body. Each day the diabetic experiences a glucose pounding in the cells of the heart,liver,kidneys and lungs. Diabetics experience heart attacks at an increased rate, a diabetic has heart attack rates similar to a person who has already had a heart attack.

Edema related blood sugar problems is a strong warning about the condition of the diabetics heart. If you have diabetes and your feet are swollen it is a sign your heart is being effected.

The loss of the foot

As the circulation gets worst sores and ulcers often develop, the end result can be the loss of the foot. Each year doctors perform thousands of foot amputations due to ignored high blood sugar, it is important to note that many diabetic medications are linked to heart disease and foot swelling. Two diabetic medications, Actos and Avandia were recently linked to edema and heart attacks. A good circulation is crucial for the diabetic, feet that are swollen from diabetes is a sign of circulation damage and ignoring this can cost you dearly.   

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