Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Diabetes foot swollen? This can cost you the limbs

If you have diabetes and your foot is swollen it is an extremely dangerous sign that serious damage is happening to the body part, there are many who have had to have the feet removed due to the effects of high glucose in the bloodstream. It is extremely important to address the issue swiftly to avoid the many complications which have cost many the use of their feet. A Diabetes swollen foot signals circulation troubles.  

Glucose can be extremely dangerous when in excess in the bloodstream, in a healthy person insulin causes glucose to go into the cell where it is used for energy, this is not the case of the person who has diabetic high blood sugar. The glucose which should be used in the cells actually floods the bloodstream of the person with high blood sugar, this must be understood to be a very serious situation, it is tantamount to living with a poison in the bloodstream. A swollen foot with diabetes is a sign that the glucose is choking the circulation, this can lead to discoloration, ulcers and ultimately removal.

All circulation problems involve the heart which is the major organ that helps the blood to circulate, swelling in the feet signals that the heart has probably been effected due to excess glucose circulating in the blood, diabetic routinely suffer more stroke and heart failure.

According to Doctor Min Luo, it is the damaging in the bloodstream tfrom the glucose that causes the heart to fail, The new study from University of Iowa links oxidative stress caused by diabetes to increased death risk after a heart attack

"Our findings suggest that oxidized CaMKII may be a 'diabetic factor' that is responsible for the increased risk of death among patients with diabetes following a heart attack," says lead study author Min Luo, D.O., Ph.D., a cardiology fellow in the UI Department of Internal Medicine.

It is clear that the feet are sending a serious message, heart disease is the leading cause of death in those with high blood sugar, high blood sugar ruins the organs of the body. Diabetes foot swollen is a very serious warning sign of heart troubles and circulation damage.  

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