Sunday, August 17, 2014

I have diabetes and my feet hurt: What to do



I have diabetes and my feet hurt, this was an email that we received on Friday from a young woman who is concerned about the possibility of having the foot amputated (removed). Seeing as her toes are experiencing a lot of aches and is at times numb; she has a valid concern. Our reader also acknowledges that she is aware of the dangers of her condition but is still not sure exactly why this is happening because she is eating right.  In this post titled “I have diabetes and my feet hurt”, we will try and explain why your diet may not be helping to stop the pains.


Why diet is often ineffective


There are many who upon discovering that they are diabetic try and change their diet, this is a very good thing but for the vast majority this step is not enough to control their blood sugar, the reason for this is due to the fact that the typical diabetic diet is devoid of any healing ingredients. Eliminating sugar from the diet is one of the first things that diabetics change in their diets and this may help a bit but the simple fact of the matter is that eliminating does not equal healing.



Eliminating things which cause your blood sugar to rise may be good but this is not enough; diabetes is an illness that cries out for a healing combination of foods.  


If you have diabetes and your feet hurt this is a clear sign that you need a very specific diet that can heal, few people find this.  The thousands of people in 10 countries who read this site every day know that few diabetics are on a healing diet, healing foot pain is even more difficult.


Foot pain from high blood sugar is a sign that the nerve fiber is being affected, this can lead to serious problems.


How high blood sugar cost thousands their feet


The nerve fiber in the foot is similar to an umbrella that protects you from rain, the nerve fiber is very delicate and blood sugar often destroys this; this is the source of your pain.  Eliminating thing from the diet may be good but this will not stop the damage that the blood sugar has already caused, not healing the nerves is one of the biggest mistakes that diabetics make.



Center of disease Control CDC: Each year more than 10,000 people are forced to have part or all of the foot removed due to the damage from high blood sugar.  Look at that Nerve Fiber damage on the upper left side


If you have diabetes and your feet hurt, it is important to listen to the feet, once vessel damage begins the nerve fibers are very difficult to repair, this means more pain.  Thank you to our reader for her question.

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